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Are you ready to balance your hormones,

lose weight and gain energy?

Usually, you are a well adjusted, balanced, capable woman  


But every now and again your hormones take control of both your body and mind 

(and everyone has to run and hide)

Maybe your PMS Psycho-Woman for one or two weeks each month


You're screaming at the kids, crying over tv adverts about puppies, picking fights with your partner and are convinced your friends are purposefully ignoring you.


All whilst a giant pimple breaks out on your chin.  And you inhale a packet of chocolate biscuits.  Or three.

Or are you heading towards

Menopausal Madness?


You're suffering from hot flushes, insomnia, a low libido and mood swings, plus dealing with irregular periods and weight gain that you just can't shift. 


One minute you're a perfectly sane individual, and the next you're having a colossal sweaty tantrum because someone put the toilet paper the wrong way on the holder (totally understandable by the way).

All whilst you feel exhausted, have lost your spark and wonder if you'll ever be able to lose that muffin top that seems to have taken up permanent residence.

My name is Melissa Lowe, a Nutrition & Epigenetics Health Coach and owner of The Thrive Guide, and I know what  it feels like to have hormones controlling you - it is something I have struggled with for many years of my life.  


From age 14 to my late 30's PMS controlled me for two weeks of every month.  But eventually I found a way out. 


Now, I want to show you how that is possible.  If you're ready to discover something different, click HERE to find out more....

Painful Period


Hot Flushes & Night Sweats

Do You Have Oestrogen Dominance?

Reduce Endocrine Disruptors in your Kitchen

Browns Bay & Waitoki in Auckland, & worldwide

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