Your 10-Day Health Starter Pack

Are you ready to...

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Lose that belly bloat & drop a few kg

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Have lots of energy throughout your day

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Minimise aches, pains and digestive issues

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Reduce those annoying cravings

Then you're in the right place

  • The good news is it doesn’t take years and years of hard work to get there.

  • You can find out what your body truly needs in as little as 10 days.

  • All you need to know is what your body wants to be able to change.

I'm Melissa Lowe, Nutrition & Health Coach at The Thrive Guide 

In the past I was tired, moody, emotional and frustrated and battled severe PMS every month (hello rage).  I had hormonal acne, sleep issues, bloating and digestive issues, plus a growing muffin top belly.


I guzzled down supplements, went to doctors, tried all sorts of diets.  But nothing worked long term.  My hormonal symptoms and other issues controlled me both physically and emotionally.

Until one day I learnt about what I actually needed for my specific body and mind and discovered how to connect to what I really needed each day.  I've never looked back.

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Now I want to help you do the same

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There is no-one on this planet like you

  • We all have a different body – and our different bodies want different things to be able to change and function and thrive.

  • All thanks to decades of research and testing, the key to talking to your body has now been discovered.


  • Using an in-depth analysis of your body, health, lifestyle and genes; we now know what your body wants to be able to lose weight, have more energy, feel clear and vibrant, bring your hormones back into balance and release aches and pains.

  • This is all created in a simple, easy to use guide based on you. 

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This isn't a generic programme created for everybody

  • It’s a programme created for you that's based on YOUR unique body and what it needs.

  • You're not the same as anyone else, so why would you use the same generic programmes and plans that are created for the masses?

  • When you can talk to your body, you can know exactly what it wants. That means you can GIVE it just what it wants and you end up with a light, energised, strong and adaptable body that takes care of YOU. 

The Starter Health Pack takes you on a 10 Day adventure, providing exactly what you need to get your body in great shape, gain energy and feel healthy

Your 10-Day Health Starter Pack

In-Depth Analysis

First you’ll do a thorough questionnaire, including measurements of your body so that it’s tailored just for you.

Meal Plan

All your meals are planned so you don’t need to think! Simply shop to create your meals or purchase the closest that you can.

Workout Videos

Short, simple activities designed with your body in mind to keep you active each day in a fun way to keep you motivated.


Food Hacks

From detoxing to dinner parties, eating out to handling cravings – watch the quick videos each day to get and stay inspired.


Take a 2 minute time-out each day to re-set your mind with your daily mindfulness meditations and activities.

Email Support

Personal support to your inbox whilst you are on your 10-Day Health Starter Pack to keep you motivated and inspired.

Massage e-Book

Use this self-massage eBook to maintain your body’s physical health so you can whisk away all your aches and pains.

Food Made Easy

Explore culinary delicacies with a fusion of global cooking methods with alternative suggestions for you to personalise.

Health Meditations

Four amazing Personal Health Meditation mp3s to help you reach honest self-love, discover your truth and find abundance


Two 30-minute coaching sessions with myself to provide guidance, accountability and support and answer any questions you may have. 

Total value of


"My mind is clear.  I don't worry about embarrassing bloating or gas anymore. 

I literally have a new lease on life" - Samantha

"I'm now excited to make change instead of feeling like I have to make change" - Katie


Find out more details on how to enter at the 'Healthy Happy You Holiday Challenge' (starting 14th December 2020) in the Facebook Group Rediscovering You - Empowering Busy Mums

Any questions?  Email me at