About Me


I'm a Certified Nutrition & Epigenetics Health Coach. 

I received my qualification from the Integrative Institute of Nutrition, New York, where I received training from the world’s leading physicians, researchers, doctors, and nutrition experts including Mark Hyman MD, Andrew Weil MD, Christiane Northrup MD, David Wolfe, Marion Nestle PhD, Mehmet Oz MD (Dr Oz), Walter Willett MD, Deepak Chopra MD, Harvile Hendrix MD, Joel Fuhrman MD, Bernie Siegel MD, amongst others.

I received training on nutritional science, bio-individuality, the energetics of food, deconstructing cravings, superfoods, emotional eating, child-hood obesity, dietary theories and much more.

I further trained in a Epigenetics Personal Health programme.

I also received Health Coach training under Dr Helen Smith of The Auckland Holistic Centre and recently received my Certificate of Achievement for a Upswing Mastermind & Momentum Business and Marketing Coaching course.

I currently work with clients on a one on one basis using a holistic based approached, focusing on health, nutrition and lifestyle behaviours, backed by the science of their unique Body Type.

You can find out more about our health journey here.



I LOVE music - going to concerts is possibly my most fav thing in the world to do, albeit, pretty expensive, and not a lot of my top bands come all the way out to New Zealand very often (or they're now dead).  But getting lost in the moment at a gig is my all time high.  I'm eternally grateful that I spent most of my 20's going to the Big Day Out Music Festival's at Mt Smart Stadium - RIP.  Those were the days.  

I also love travelling, but since kid's there really hasn't been a lot of that going on.  In fact, none.  But one day I'm going to get back out into that big wide world and see more of it.

Other than that, hanging out at the beach, hanging with my fam (when they're not fighting, that is), cutesy animals, camping and getting together with girlfriends for a good old laugh and in-depth chats are top of my list.


I love reading, going to "health" events, Seinfeld, watching movies (especially chick-flick 80's movies - when hubby's not around), good food, a good laugh (dry wit preferable), hiding vegetables in my kids food and am particularly partial to a red wine and dark chocolate indulgence in the weekend.  


I also enjoy skateboarding now and again - I'm not very good at it (compared to the kid's and hubby), but the thrill of possibly maiming myself keeps me young.