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Keren Donaldson - Restore Flow

Abdominal Massage Therapist, Sacral Release, ConTact CARE

Keren provides services that are ideal for anyone experiencing menstrual issues such as cramping and abnormal bleeding, hormonal imbalances, abdominal bloating and discomfort, prolapse and related issues, chronic lower back and tailbone pain, constipation, fibroids and PCOS. 


She works to increase circulation and lymph flow, decrease sacral tension, and optimise the position of the uterus.  Each of these components have flow-on effects throughout the entire body, creating a feeling of lightness and ease.

Keren practices a holistic, gentle and nurturing therapy designed for women (although not exclusively for women).  It incorporates the techniques of Maya abdominal massage in combination with the Gentling Way Protocol (Pioneered by Heather Bruce).   She provides a safe, gentle, feel-good therapy session using abdominal massage, lymphatic drainage and fascial release to various structures of the lower back.  

You can book in with Keren here    

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Amy Roper - Connect Health

Holistic Core Restore Coach

Amy's aim is to help women strengthen their pelvic floor again, whether they're recovering from a hysterectomy or prolapse, pregnant or postnatal, or starting to leak a little when they sneeze.   Her mission is to coach and support women to live their best life during & after pregnancy, or after gynaeological or abdominal surgery. 

Amy can give you guidance on how to recover and live life to the full after prolapse or hysterectomy surgery, a hernia, diastasis recti, or urinary incontinence.

You'll receive guidance on how to recover and live life to the full after prolapse or hysterectomy surgery, plus receive advice on how to manage your prolapse symptoms.   She will teach you how to return to lifting heavy or running while supporting pelvic floor healing and learn how to strengthen your core no matter how big the gap is.  Plus, finding out out how to connect to your pelvic floor and prepare for life with a newborn while supporting your body.

Also, if you want to laugh, get up out of a seat, run around after your kids, jump on the tramp, dance or sneeze all without peeing your pants - Amy is your gal.

You can book in with Amy here

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Monterrey Wigglesworth - Nutritional & Hormone Pharmacist

Bays Health Pharmacy

When it comes to vitamin, mineral and herb suggestions with relation to balancing your hormones (and other health issues), Monterrey has the knowledge.  With a bachelor of Science in Pharmacy and a diplomas in Nutritional and Hormone Medicine, plus further studies, Monterrey approaches health with a holistic approach. 

She is the owner of Bays Health Pharmacy in Browns Bay, Auckland and has a wealth of knowledge on supporting health and wellness.


One off sessions to discuss specific hormonal issues and supplement needs (Practitioner grade if required) can be booked with Monterrey  at


Carlene Arnold - Naturopath 

Intolerance and Me

Carlene is a Naturopath who runs bio resonance tests to determine what exactly is happening in your body.

Through this specific testing it can be determined if your hormone levels (like the oestrogens, progesterone, testosterone etc) are at the correct levels, along with further testing of nutrients (vitamin and mineral levels) and systems function (thyroid, adenrals etc.)

Knowing these results means that hormone balancing is more targeted to what you actually need. It’s not just about if you have enough progesterone for example, it’s about how your particular body is coping with progesterone levels and if you are making enough for YOU.

It's taking out the guess work and actually pinpointing what is happening for you.

With an understanding of all of the above, an experienced practitioner like Carlene can identify what is going on in your body and then give guidance on what supplements/herbs etc are needed to make improvements.

Booking for specific testing with Intolerance and Me is done through The Thrive Guide.