Dumb Food

Mr 11 came home from his after school activities last night with a major case of the Hangaries (hungry and angry). He stormed inside, announced “I’M STARVING”, threw open the fridge door and shouted “OH MY GOD, THERE IS NO REAL FOOD TO EAT, ONLY DUMB FOOD!!!” and then immediately dropped to the ground (mid fall managing to grab a packet of beef jerky – preservative free of course). He then rolled around on said floor, whilst shoving beef jerky in his face, tears in his eyes saying over and over ”why is there no real food? All there is to eat is dumb food!” I climbed over him and looked in the fridge - it was packed. With real food (fruits and vegies) – but food you have to actually make, or

 Melissa Lowe | Nutrition & Epigenetics Health Coach |

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