Lettuce Boats for Fussy Eaters

Lettuce Boats are a great alternative to tortillas and wraps (see Label Watch Wednesday on why a lot of wraps and tortillas are best avoided) Cos lettuce is sturdy enough and a good shape to hold fillings. Let the kids fill their own, plus the mince is laden with cooked veg too. Letting kids having control over their fillings means they're more likely to try things they normally may not be interested in. Including raw veges in your day ensures that you are benefiting from nutrients and enzymes that are sometimes killed off during cooking of certain vegies. Broccoli is one of the main vegies that is best eaten raw due to certain important cancer fighting enzymes being damaged when it is cook

It's All About You - A Challenge

I have a challenge for you. When did you last put yourself first? When did you last treat yourself? Well today's the day. Today, I want you to spend at least 5 minutres doing something just for YOU. To treat yourself in a small (or big) way. Here’s the rules. • At LEAST 5 minutes long (5 minutes minimum!) • No screens • On your own, just for you It can be as fancy as having a bubble bath and finally burning that expensive candle, or sneaking off to lie on the bed for 5 minutes whilst the kids are occupied, going for a walk, looking at the stars just before bed, doing a face mask, reading a magazine and having a coffee, listening to your fav song twice, using that shower gel that you har

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