Beautiful Bounty at the Markets

Farmers market and supermarket session with one of my Thrive Guide clients today. Doing your vegie shop at the markets can save you a ton of money on spray free and fresh produce, whilst you're also supporting the little guys - your local farmers and gardeners. Most produce has been picked that morning or the day before meaning you're getting your veg at its nutritional peak - not sitting around in cool stores for weeks on end. Talk to the stall owners about how they grow their veg and what they do to control pests - go for spray free or organic meaning you and your family aren't ingesting loads of sprays and toxins unnecessarily. Going to the markets helps us connect with our food and wh

The Chair

We have a chair in our house. In fact, we have many chairs. But there is one chair that is special, it is THE chair and coveted by my 3 lovely children. It’s just a chair, same as the other chairs at the dining room table. But it is the placement of The Chair that makes it worthy of fighting over. It’s at The Head of the Table. The Chair is normally the 11-year-old’s seat at dinner time. But, at other times, if he’s not sitting in it, then it can be anyone’s chair. Let's set the scene... In the mornings, the 11-year-old gets up first and has his breakfast sitting in The Chair. Then Miss 8 has her breakfast sitting in The Chair. No issues with the 6-year-old wanting it as he likes to spend

Your Immune System - Sauerkraut

Did you know that 70-80% of your immune system is in your gut? It’s pretty amazing isn’t it? So it’s imperative that we ensure we’re feeding our bodies as much nutrient dense foods as possible, especially pro-biotic rich fermented foods like sauerkraut. Sauerkraut is very easy and cheap to make yourself (I’ll provide a recipe at a later stage), or you can buy Be Nourished sauerkraut at the supermarket or health food shop. Ruby Perfection is my fav. Builder Hubby likes the Kimchi. But if you are going to buy sauerkraut, make sure you get the ones in the fridge – the kind you see on the shelf are made with pickling vinegar, and do not have any pro-biotic benefits, same goes with pickled onions

Make some time for you today

Make sure you take some time out for YOU today – just take 5 to 10 mins to be in the moment, sit quietly, notice your surroundings and breathe deeply into your belly. We’re all so busy, rushing around, minds thinking of the next thing we need to do, that we’re missing the moment we’re living in RIGHT NOW. Because the only moment is now. So take some time out to JUST BE – even if it means sitting on the loo, hiding from the kids. Deep belly breathing triggers our parasympathetic nervous system which helps us to rest, digest and restore and brings about a sense of calm, which means you’re more likely to act from a place of calm. If you can do this whilst outside in nature, even better. Feel th

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