When there's so much to do - just don't do it

I had a million things to do today. No lie, a million. My exhaustive and never ending list was actually stressing me out. My first thought on waking up was of all the crap I had to get done. It wasn't the best way to start my Sunday - determined and annoyed. And when I saw the kids I just thought "get out of my way". I was on a mission. But ... then I looked outside, saw the sun shining, and suddenly thought 'screw it - I'm going to do something fun first'. Lately I've been really trying to come from a place of 'what's best for me?' - something many of us females aren't very good at. But I knew if I went and did something that I enjoyed first, I'd feel refueled and be more able to deal wit

Them & Me

I went to my kids rugby game this morning. We left home at 7.30am. When I was there I couldn't help but notice there were quite a few groups of women there who looked, well, bloody amazing. Hair straightened or in a perfectly created messy top knot, puffer jacket, aviator glasses, nails done, make-up perfect. They weren't even necessarily overly pretty, but they just looked "groomed". And clean. And on-trend. They looked like they hadn't really made any effort at all, but had just woken up like that. I felt jealous. How did they do that? I got up at 6.30am, had a shower, got myself ready, slapped on some bb cream and mascara, and yet I didn't look anything like them. Where was I going wrong?

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