Not Another Annoyingly Healthy Lunchbox Post

Schools back, and yep, it's time for people like to me start posting pictures of their kid's healthy lunchboxes. Doesn't it get annoying sometimes? I know, because it used to annoy the crap out of me. I used to look at all the pretty pictures of healthy lunchboxes on facebook and just ROLL MY EYE'S. In fact, they used to almost offend me. I would scoff at them and show builder-hubby "check out these poor kid's lunch boxes - maybe we should call CYPFS". A couple of pages I even stopped following as I just thought that it was all ridiculously over the top. But, over time, I would go back. It was almost like looking at the latest chick magazines - you know you're going to feel bad about yoursel

When did you last take the best piece of chicken?

Picture this - You’re in the kitchen, dishing up dinner, and there is one chicken thigh that stands out from the rest. It’s big, its juicy, the skin is golden and crispy. It’s The Best Piece of Chicken. Who are you going to give it to? Your husband? Your kids? Do you even contemplate putting it on your plate? Maybe it flicks through your mind for a second that you would like that piece of chicken, but something stops you. You’re so used to giving to others and putting their needs first, to take the best piece would seem selfish. And maybe someone would say something, jokingly of course “oh, looks like you took the best piece!” and then you’d feel guilty and have to explain yourself, j

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