Other People's Food - When You Eat Healthy & They Don't

When you eat healthy the majority of the time, other people’s food can become quite an issue if you are going to visit them or going to an event and they don’t eat the same way as you. This was a picture from a photo-booth at a wedding we went to in the weekend (can you tell I’d had a few glasses of bubbles by then?). Even though there was a lot of scrumptious healthy options at this wedding, in the past, going to an event like this, would put me into a Food Panic. Knowing that there was most likely going to be some "treat" food that my kids were going to inhale as fast as possible, always had me worried. And so, in the past, I would start to fret about it I would spend my day getting a

Keeping calm, even when they're driving you nuts

Many of us, before we became parents, were usually a calm crowd of humans. But once children come along, that can all change. We love our little darlings to pieces of course, but .... they can all completely drive us up the wall and push our buttons like crazy. We quite often find our "calm place" goes down the tube and instead a whole lot of anger can bubble up and explode out of us whether we want it to or not. So how do you stay calm, when they're determined to drive you crazy? Well, read on... Expectations I think many of us imagine that everyone's children, but ours, are behaving perfectly. We're the only ones stuck with the whining, the arguing, the melt downs. But this is so not

Healthy Eating on a Budget

There’s a feeling that as soon as you start eating healthy foods, your shopping bill is going to go through the roof. That was my first thought when we started to transition to a whole food diet – "I can’t afford it". I do like a good budget, and back then, when we were on one wage, I loved nothing more than finding a good bargain and making a savings at the supermarket. Not much has changed Except now, I’m looking for a bargain AND reading my ingredients lists. It does take a little extra time at first (but so does being sick, right?), but once you know your products that contain less lab-created ingredients, you are on your way. But, this is also why I prefer to shop without children.

 Melissa Lowe | Nutrition & Epigenetics Health Coach |

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