Which Body Type Are You?


It's not all about food and exercise...

Any time you want to find out about losing weight or being healthy there alwasy seems to be a huge influence on ohw you should eat and exercise.  Yes, sure, these things can make a huge amount of difference when it come to what we want to see on teh  scales, but they're not the only reasons when it comes to losing weight.


So, if it's not just about food and exercise, what else is there?

Well, read on to find out more....

6 Ways to Lose Weight (that have nothing to do with food or exercise)

1.   Diaphragmatic Breathing


2.  Social Life (Friends and Family)



3.  Sleeping Well



4.  Rest


5.  Environment / Weather


6.  Timing (Chronobiology)


If emotional eating is something you deal with a lot, do not hesitate to get in touch with me at melissa@thethriveguide.co.nz or book a complimentary All About You 30 minute chat to discuss your health and wellness needs here.  In my Personalised Programme, emotional eating is something that is explored with much more depth, along with additional techniques and ideas to move past this phase.

Healthy Happy Hormones | Melissa Lowe | Nutrition & Epigenetics Health Coach | melissa@thethriveguide.co.nz

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