Your Life

Health and wellness, weight loss, energy and balancing your hormones is SO much more than food and exercise.


Feeling good has to do with what is going on in your life.


Looking at your mind, your social life including friends and family, your work life, your stress levels and your environment all have a huge influence on how you feel about yourself and how your body reacts to what is going on around you and in your mind.

That's why your programme will also give you suggestions on the following:

Friends, family and loved ones 


Whether you love to connect with people, have time to yourself, or may be something in between, can cause on impact on how your body reacts. 


Your programme will give you tips and ideas on ways to connect with friends, family and loved ones in a way that best suits your body and mind.

Your Mind


Knowing how you can mindfully make the most of the way your brain works is going to give you a huge insight on what is best for you. 


Also you will be given tips on how to deal with certain thoughts and emotions that may be prevalent to you on a regular basis.



Places, temperatures and environments that give your body and mind the most support, boost immunity and reduce stress is paramount to reaching your health and wellness goals. 


With tips and ideas on your best places to be you can tune in to this knowledge and have it working in your benefit.



Knowing the skills that you naturally excel in will have you more in tune with how you can best thrive in your work environment. 


When you are more connected with the best type of work environment for yourself, this will reduce stress and have you connected more to your needs.

Plus with all the above you will get an insight on the best times for you to rest, sleep, think, work and holiday which can make huge changes within your health and wellness and have you reaching your goals even faster.

Want to control cravings & make healthy food choices?