Coaching - You & Me

One on One Coaching Sessions

Personal coaching sessions are the key in really getting to the core of your health and well-being issues.  It really is an amazing process and where the real transformation happens.  This is where you will get support, guidance, advice and someone who is on your side.

Along with exploring your Personalised Programme, we will also work on strategies around what's been holding you back, your triggers, and how to move forward.  Plus you'll receive additional information on your body type and how to incorporate these suggestions into your life.

The first session will be used to create your personal programme and after that we catch up for five 60 minute sessions, either weekly, fortnightly or monthly, in person (location dependent),  or using an online platform like Skype or Zoom.

In this programme, you'll receive...

  • Tips on how to keep yourself motivated and moving forward.


  • Insights on what to do if you fall of the wagon once in a while (which everyone does now and again), plus a strategy on how to start eating healthy again, instead of beating yourself up.​​​​


  • Support and guidance on how to deal with situations in your life that may be out of balance (relationships, family, friends, work, stress,  kids, self-worth etc).​  And so much more...

As your Coach, you'll have...

  • Someone who is on your side.  Who supports you, guides and encourages you.


  • Someone who keep's it real and do-able in your life - zero overwhelm allowed!

  • Someone who has been on the journey of having to completely change how we all ate and knows first hand the challenges you will face.  You can read more about that here.

  • Someone who believes life should not be with out ice-cream, chocolate and a glass of wine now and again.

"I can promise you won’t have to face your challenges alone”

Want to control cravings & make healthy food choices?