Creating Energy & Sleeping Well

How often do you wake up and just think "urgh".  Hit snooze a few times, eventually crawl out of bed, make a coffee and try to gain energy to face the morning?

Or you get through the morning fine, maybe drinking a few too many coffee's to keep you going, and then when it gets to the afternoon you hit that energy slump where all you want to do is lie down and have a lovely long nap.


For many, this can happen every day.

However, through eating well and aligning with what your body and mind needs at certain times of the day, you'll learn ways to help you create more energy throughout your day.

Plus we can also look into reasons why you may not be sleeping well and making changes so that you have restorative peaceful sleep so that you wake up feeling refreshed.  

Learning how to change your mindset and let go of being in the "stress zone" can also be hugely beneficial in having more energy and sleeping well.

Balancing Your Hormones

Through having dealt with PMS since I was a teenager, I know how debilitating out of whack hormones can be.  However, balancing these is possible and I'm happy to say that PMS is no longer an issue for me.


So if your hormones are out of balance, help is here.  You'll receive suggestions and advice on how to bring your hormones back into line so that you can reduce PMS/Peri-Menopause/Menopause and get back in control of your emotional and physical reactions. 


You'll also receive nutritional and supplement suggestions, along with working on your mindset to help you feel more in charge of your body. 


Want to control cravings & make healthy food choices?