How Dairy can cause Period Cramps & Heavy Bleeding

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Dairy is the number one dietary source of oestrogen. Cow’s milk naturally contains over 60 different hormones including oestrogen, progesterone and insulin. As well, dairy cows are quite often given synthetic oestrogen which gets passed along to you when you consume dairy products. 

Most conventional cow’s milk contains a protein called A1 casein which can form BCM-7 which in turn stimulates inflammatory mast cells.

This is particularly concerning for menstruating women as the uterine lining contains an abundance of mast cells which can cause period pain and heavy bleeding if activated.


Many hormone experts implicate A1 casein with the development of serious health problems such as autoimmune disease.

A1 casein is found in the milk of the common types of cows who’s milk we drink. 

So, eliminating dairy for a while may be the best option.


If you simply cannot give up dairy, you can purchase raw milk, or milk from goats and sheep as they do not contain A1 protein. They contain only A2 protein which does not seem to be as problematic.  


However, having 2-4 weeks of being dairy free can be hugely beneficial and help to reduce the load on your liver, decrease heavy bleeding and period cramps (plus, you'll also have clearer skin, better digestion and reduce inflammation).

You can read this article here on ways to reduce and/or eliminate dairy.

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So,how about you? Have you reduced or eliminated dairy and found benefits?  Or are you thinking about cutting down and seeing how you feel?  Let us know below.

If period cramps and heavy bleeding are an issue for you, please see your health professional for further discussion.  


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