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Health Epigenetics Programme

We are all different...

The reason why there is so much confusion, FAD dieting and lack of long term success in health is because we are all trying to fit into the same box!

There are too many people telling EVERYONE to eat and exercise the same way.


When we come from the points of relaising that we are all different, this becomes the foundation in understanding how to truly achieve your health, wellness and fitness goals! 

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Different bodies with  different needs...

  • No more comparing your results to your best friends. 

  • No more comparing sizes and shapes of bodies to the one idea of a ‘perfect body’.

  • No more one size fits all exercise, nutrition and lifestyle programme.

Personal health is based on your body, your mind, your health, your genes, your environment, your strengths, and your goals. YOU.

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What this means...

  • Personalised programmes for every single person based on their unique BIOLOGY (instead of what's popular) meaning no more trial and error.

  • This is why some clients go really well on a Paleo style diet, love their high intensity training and get amazing results, whilst others, following the exact same ‘successful’ programme, just do not change!

  • This has been life-changing for so many people on the verge of giving up because ‘nothing seems to work’.

This is the first-ever lifestyle programme that gives you customised, simple and practical insights for scientifically-proven health and happiness.

Once you know your unique body type, you will discover

Foods to Eat

  • A comprehensive food database ranking the best foods to eat for your unique body.  This includes a personal food list, recipes, menu planner and shopping list which will help you stay well and achieve your goals.

Personalised Fitness


  • Learn how to move your body in a way that feels good, with the freedom to choose your routines and exercises based on the movement that is right for you, with fun videos and routines for you to choose from.

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Natural Strengths


  • Discover and flourish in your natural gifts & talents and the activities that will keep you in effortless flow.

Genius Zone


  • Find out your brain’s inherent gifts with specific recommendations for sleeping, breathing, mindfulness, and more.

Social Engagement
  • Discover the social interactions that will energise you, and those that will drain you, so you can do more of what you love.



  • Learn about your ideal environment, and plan vacations according to your body profile and circadian rhythm.


Specific timing


  • Discover the best times of the day to eat certain foods, to exercise, to rest, to socalise, to sleep, create and more, all based on who you are.

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Plus ...

  • Help with cravings, emotional eating and making the right food choices.

  • Weight loss tips and suggestions.


  • Guidance and support around digestion, immunity, sleep, stress and other health, wellness and lifestyle issues.


  • Plus four 60 minute coaching sessions with myself to help you navigate the profile and discover what's been holding you back from taking care of yourself consistently.


And so much more!

It's all at your fingertips

Your personal profile is all on an amazing interactive app on your phone (or laptop or other device) so that you can instantly see:


  • Exactly what foods are great for you to eat when you're at the supermarket; or

  • The best time for you to create and plan when you're at work; or

  • The ultimate time for you to exercise and so much more. 


It's all at your fingertips.  No more guessing.  No more wondering if the latest fad is going to be right.  Because this is all based on you.

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