8 Week Personalised Health Online Group Programme FAQ

Whenever  it comes to checking out a programme, like most people, you will have some questions.  Well, here is a few of the common ones that we get.  But if you have any more, feel free to get in touch melissa@thethriveguide.co.nz or click on the chat button below.

Who is this programme suited for?


This is for anyone who has had enough of being on the diet and exercise roller coaster, wants to achieve results and wants to find something that is based uniquely on them.   You want to feel healthy and strong without hunger, without guilt and without pushing yourself to the limit.   You want to find a way of exercising that is right for you.  However, you know that good health isn’t just about food and exercise – it’s about your life, your genes, your environment, your relationships, your work, your stress and so on.


If you’re ready to say goodbye to something that is catered to the masses and hello to personal wellness, this is for you.


This programme will be something you can use for life, because it is based on your body, your mind and your genes.


What age can someone do this programme?


This programme is suited for anyone aged over the age of 18.


What’s involved in this programme?


  • Your personal profile based on your unique body type, including recipes, a food list, exercises as well as mind, social, place and talent suggestions for your body type.

  •  A team of specialised coaches to support you and provide advice.

  • Your personal health coach who is the same body type as you.

  • A community of others doing the programme at the same time.

  • A weekly live coaching call.

  • A private Facebook group for support, advice and motivation.

  • Personal messaging with your health coach.

  • Additional support if required.


How much time do I have to dedicate to the programme each week?


Coaching calls are usually around 1 hour.  How much time you spend in the Facebook group or messaging is up to you.  Food prep and cooking, exercise etc. is additional time that suits your lifestyle.


Do you have payment plan options?


Yes, please see the website for this. Click HERE.


Is there support if I need it?


Absolutely, either from others in the Facebook group, from your personal health coach (who is either an email or message away) or from a team of coaches involved in the programme.  There is also the option of one on one coaching if required.


I have certain food restrictions or things that I can’t eat.  Will this be okay for the programme?


Yes!  You can set up the profile to remove certain foods if necessary.


Can you guarantee that I will lose weight, gain energy and feel healthier?


Like any programme, this is not something we can 100% guarantee, but if you follow the programme and advice given, then the results will speak for themselves.

Have any more questions?  Feel free to get in touch melissa@thethriveguide.co.nz or click on the chat button below.

Ready to see what your personalised profile looks like?  Watch the vid below ...