Guide to Thrive

One hour session

Are you...

  • Unhappy with your weight?

  • Struggling with cravings?

  • Finding it hard to make healthy food choices?

  • Lacking in energy?

  • Dealing with digestive issues?

  • Struggling with out of balance hormones resulting from PMS and perimenopause?

  • Suffering from allergies or food intolerances?

  • Just feeling unsure of what to eat?


Then let's do a 60 minute Guide to Thrive Session

In this session you can tell me exactly the issues you are struggling with and you'll walk away with 2-3 action steps that you can easily incorporate into your life straight way, and maybe with a recipe or two thrown in as well.

Let me help guide and motivate you to start improving your health and wellness.

Sometimes just making a few changes here and there can make all the difference.





For a 60 minute session and notes


Email me at to arrange your Guide to Thrive One Hour Session

Not local? Not in the same country? No biggie!


We can Skype, Zoom or do sessions over the phone.  

So, you can stay in your pj’s, have crazy morning hair, and pillow creases on your face, and still learn how to THRIVE.