Healing Ear Infections Naturally

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If ear infections are something your little ones deal with often, read on for my tips on fighting the infections naturally. Plus, additional information on preventing ear infections below. 


(PS - just to add - many times, the first thing we may want to do when our child complains of sore ears, is to rush them to the doctors for anti-biotics.  However, even doctors are now cautionary to handing out this medicine, as many ear infections are now resistant to anti-biotics, not to mention these drugs are also very disruptive to our gut bacteria.  Most of the time our body can fight the infection on it's own.  So in extreme cases, yes, they are needed, but anti-biotics don't always have to be the first option).


Here are some steps to help fight the infection:

1.  First ... crush a clove of garlic and gently heat it in a pot with 2 tablespoons of olive oil until the oil is warm (the garlic should soften, but not go brown). Then remove the garlic (by pouring the liquid through a sieve), and then suck up the warm olive oil into a syringe (check that the temp isn't hot). Get your child to lay their head on a towel and slowly drip the olive oil into their ear until they say it feels full.  This can also be done every few days to help prevent ear infections. 


2.  Next ... put 4 drops of oregano oil (which is anti-bacterial - tea tree oil or any other anti-bacterial essential oil is fine too) into your palm and mix this with some of the warm olive oil and rub this all over the back of their neck, up the sides and around their ears too.  


3.  Then ... give them 3 pro-biotic tablets to swallow, along with 20 mls of Colloidal Silver, which is amazing for colds etc.  Get it at your local health shop, online and at some chemists.  Also you can syringe a few drops of Colloidal Silver into aching ears as well.

4.  Lastly ... open a pro-biotic capsule and tip the powder into the back of their throat, instructing them to let it sit there for as long as possible. This enables the pro-biotics to directly boost the good bacteria in their throat, fighting the "bad guys", and will also get into her eustachian tubes which run from the ear to the back of the throat.


Additional Information on Ear Infections:


  • If your children are susceptible to a lot of ear infections you may want to consider removing dairy from their diet for a few weeks to see if this is causing an issue, due to dairy being very inflammatory for some children's systems.

  • Reoccurring ear infections may be due to a deficiency in zinc or selenium.  New Zealand has very low levels of zinc in our soils (meaning, there is low levels of zinc in the plants we eat) so a supplement may be needed.  I like Clinicians Zinc Drops as you can add it to their smoothies, cereal, etc.   Whole-grains (if grown in rich-zinc soils) are also a very high source of zinc.

  • Selenium can be easily added by eating Brazil nuts (half a nut per day for children under 3, just crush them up).  Beef, eggs, spinach and chicken contain it too.  Or else try a supplement.

  • Continue to give them pro-biotics throughout the ear infection season as this will benefit the good bacteria in their guts.

  • Increasing Vitamin D is also another great option for boosting their immunity, so make sure they get some time outside in the sun each day - well, when it's not blustery and cold.

  • Taking your child for Chiropractic or Osteopath sessions may also be helpful to assist with drainage and release pressure.

  • Dr Malcolm Harker's Ear, Nose and Throat Tonic is also another great option to use when infections start.  It is available at most Health Shops.

  • Increase their immunity by feeding them a whole food diet as much as possible (over 70% of our immunity is in our gut) and introducing immunity boosting fermented foods like coconut kefir, sauerkraut, kombucha etc.

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