Your Personalised Programme

Healthy Happy Hormones

Lose Weight, Gain Energy & Balance Your Hormones

A personal online programme with food, exercise & lifestyle suggestions based on your unique body type

and supported with one on one coaching

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You'll have a comprehensive food guide with an outline of the best foods to eat for your unique body, along with hundreds of delicious recipes and a customised meal plan all on an easy to use app.


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You'll receive guidance on reducing inflammatory foods and drinks that may be contributing to your hormonal issues and tips on how to support your liver so that it can eliminate certain hormones effectively. 


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Advice on weight loss for your body type, tips on controlling cravings and making healthy food choices, whilst still enjoying treat food now and again with zero guilt.  Hello pizza!


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Tips on gaining energy through food, supplement, mind and lifestyle techniques so that you can do what you want in your day.


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Learn how to move your body with routines and exercises that are based on your particular body type (and... if you're not exercising, tips on how to get started).


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Proven techniques on how to manage emotions plus ideas on how to create time to take care of yourself (without feeling guilty about it!).  Plus, insights into your mind based on your dominant happy hormones.


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One on one coaching sessions  to learn how to easily  incorporate food, exercise and lifestyle changes into your day (this is where the real magic happens) with support, accountability and guidance.


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You'll also receive guidance on digestion issues, gut health, sleep issues, stress management, immunity issues, anxiety, improving self esteem and so much more.


Plus, additional therapies offered by other professionals on reducing PMS/menopausal symptoms (painful periods, bloating, hot flushes etc) and guidance on helpful supplements to alleviate symptoms.  

  • As a Nutrition and Epigenetics Health Coach, I have created a programme that is about investing in your health and wellness.  


  • It's about working at your pace, without overwhelm.

  • It's about taking achievable steps each day so that you can balance your hormones, lose weight and gain energy.

What others are saying...

"I have learnt so much.  It's about being committed and having the right mindset and putting your health first that counts."

"If you are still deciding whether or not to enlist Melissa’s help – just do it.  Follow her advice and you won’t regret it."

"I have way more energy, have lost weight and my PMS is definitely better."

Here's what you'll receive

Personalised online programme

A comprehensive food, exercise, body and mind online programme

(RRP NZ$357)


Four 60 minute one on one personal coaching sessions to help you incorporate changes into your day


Additional sessions available


NZ$120 per session

Additional hormonal therapies with other specialists at an additional cost

Losing weight, gaining energy

& balancing your hormones

really is possible

You no longer have to stay stuck





Got questions?  Email me at

Not local? Not in the same country? No biggie!


We can Skype, Zoom or do sessions over the phone.  

So, you can stay in your pj’s, have crazy morning hair, and pillow creases on your face, and still learn how to THRIVE.  

Want to control cravings & make healthy food choices?