How to get your kids to drink green smoothies


Try these treats and snacks in lunch boxes or to take along to a morning tea.  Free from added sugar and refined flours, all recipes are gluten free.

Decadent Chocolate Slice

Did my kids always drink green smoothies? No way Jose. I had to create an evil plan of trickery and deceit. Here’s the steps I took:

  • ​First I lured them in by making just fruit smoothies – banana, berries, etc with water as the liquid.


  • Then once they were happily having those on a daily basis, I sneakily started adding in iceberg lettuce leaves and at the same time (this is important) talking to them about how good smoothies are for you, but really it’s the blended frog green ones that are the ultimate, and will give you super powers (coming up with weird names for smoothies also helps).


  • I then started adding in good quality (or organic) cocoa powder (or you could do cacao), so they became chocolate smoothies. This when my evil plan really came into play - I started adding in spinach leaves. Spinach has hardly any flavour in a smoothie so this is a good choice, and the smoothie is brown, so the green is masked. You could also add in grated courgette whilst trying to stifle your evil laugh.


  • Over time I slowly started reducing the cocoa powder and adding in more spinach and other kinds of greens, until we got to the stage that they were happy drinking green ones like pictured, without battig an eyelid. Oh how I have fooled them with my cunning ways.

Nutrition Note - green smoothies are a great way to get a big hit of nutrient dense greens into your kids, providing calcium, magnesium, fibre, vitamin C, along with a whole host of other amazing benefits. Ultimately you want to keep the vegie ratio higher than the fruit ratio (think 3/4 veg, 1/4 fruit) to keep sugars down – 1 banana has the equivalent of 3 tea-spoons of sugar.

However, I do have to admit defeat with one child... no matter how cunning I tried to be he will not have anything to do with smoothies. He thinks he’s being poisoned, shudders and gags.


I have tried every combination out there in the smoothie world, but this kid wont touch them. Sigh.


Is there anything more annoying than some of your kids liking something, and the others not? Well, yes, getting the washing out of the machine and discovering a tissue has been left in a pocket and now all your washing is covered in bits of fluffy tissue paper is more annoying actually.


But anyway, I gave up after a while and he has bone broth with vegies in it instead. You gotta pick your battles, right?

Do you or your kids have smoothies already? If so, share your fav recipe….