Hey busy mum...


Do you feel like life is about everyone and everything else and hardly ever about you?

Are you exhausted from getting the kids out the door in the  morning, racing to work, after school activities, dinner, house cleaning, never ending washing and constantly being a free taxi driver?

Well, you're not alone.

Come along to my Facebook group for busy mum's if you are aged late 30’s+ (so also in your 40s and early 50s), the kids are now at school and you’re looking at your life and thinking "what about me?".

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It’s for women who want to move themselves up their to-do list (without guilt) and have support and guidance from myself and other mums on how to take care of yourself every day, from the inside out.


So, come on over.  Just click on the picture to join.

Rediscovering You website like page.png

Know others mum's who may be interested?  Please share the link.