Your Personalised Programme

Healthy Happy You

Lose Weight, Gain Energy & Balance Your Hormones

Your Personalised Programme


You'll receive a personalised online programme that is based uniquely on you and your body type, your hormones, your genes, your mind, your DNA, your current health and your goals. 


This amazing tool will take away the guess work of how you should eat, exercise and live and will provide you with the answers your body and mind needs, leading you to feel energised, connected and healthy.  

Also, a personalised App that you can upload on your phone that will give suggestions to keep you on track, meaning you have all your profile information on hand (food, exercise, mindset) whenever you need it.

One on One Coaching Sessions


Personal coaching sessions are the key in really getting to the core of your health and well-being issues.  It really is an amazing process and where the real transformation happens.  This is where you will get support, guidance, advice and someone who is on your side.

Along with exploring your Personalised Programme, we will also work on strategies around what's been holding you back, your triggers, and how to move forward.  Plus you'll receive additional information on your body type and how to incorporate these suggestions into your life.

The first session will be used to create your personal programme and after that we catch up for five 60 minute sessions, either weekly, fortnightly or monthly, in person (location dependent),  or using an online platform like Skype or Zoom.

Weight Loss for Your Body Type - Food, Exercise and Your Mind


Through making food and exercise choices due to your particular body type, losing weight will be much more effective.  

You'll receive additional weight loss tips plus also learn how to control cravings, reduce emotional eating, and make healthier food choices.

We will also explore ways on how to love and accept yourself, both inside and out, with how you are right now, looking at all the aspects that make you up to be the amazing person that you are. 

Also learning how to incorporate self-care, so that you are more in touch with what you need, as you need it.  Plus finding ways to have fun and pleasure within your life that have nothing to do with food and exercise. 

Food, food, glorious food


This programme isn't about restriction.  It's about eating in a way that suits your unique body type and helps you to be in the best health that you can. With your personalised programme you'll receive hundreds of recipes just for you, created around how to achieve your health goals.

You'll have a list of foods that will let you know why they are good for you, and why some are not. 


Also a customisable meal plan that you can make changes to as your body changes.

An overall food guide on how to combine foods, when to eat them and how often they should be eaten as well (extremely helpful!).  

And you'll learn ways to still have those "treat" types of foods (hello ice cream), but it will be done with complete enjoyment and zero guilt.  Hallelujah. 

Fun Movement and Exercise Routines  


A programme of exercises tailored just for you.  These can include really fun cardio video's, even things like hip hop dance video routines, and then strengthening and flexibility routines along with suggestions of the best time to do these exercises. 


Knowing how to exercise and when to do it due to your particular body type really sets you up for success.

Creating Energy & Sleeping Well


You'll learn ways to help you create more energy through diet and exercise, plus supplement suggestions, along with tuning into your what your body needs. 

Plus looking into the reasons why you may not be sleeping well and making changes so that you have restorative peaceful sleep and that you wake up refreshed.  

Learning how to change your mindset and let go of being in the "stress zone" can also be hugely beneficial in having more energy and sleeping well.

Balancing Your Hormones


Suggestions and advice on how to bring your hormones back in balance so that you can reduce PMS/Peri-Menopause/Menopause and get back in control of your emotional and physical reactions. 


You'll also receive nutritional and supplement suggestions, along with working on your mindset to help you feel more in charge of your body. 

Additional Support

Help with other issues that may be going on for you around allergies, low immunity, stress,  digestive and other areas of your health that may be holding you back. 

Also additional information to help you succeed (websites, articles, books), plus on-line video's to watch that are relative to what stage you are at in the programme.  

Plus through this programme there is a team of experts in the background (Doctors, Naturopaths etc) that can be utilised for support when needed.

Insights into Your Life


Your programme will also give you suggestions on the best environment for you to live and holiday in, also temperatures that suit your body type. 


Plus, ways to connect with friends, family and loved ones in a way that best suits you and also advice on your natural talents. 


Also information on your work strengths, mindfulness and so much more.

PLUS - tips and ideas to encourage your partner and/or kids to eat healthy too!

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Healthy Happy You

  • I'm a Nutrition and Health Coach, trained in an epigenetic personal health programme and am here to support you in making that change - to lose that weight, to feel energsied, healthy, calm, balanced, connected and vibrant.  I get what you're going through.  You can read more about my story here.

  • I'm here to show you how to step into that person you deserve to be.

  • This programme is about investing in YOU.

  • Putting your health and well-being first and bringing out that desire for things to not just be better, but amazing. 

So instead of just surviving, you're Thriving!

 Melissa Lowe | Nutrition & Epigenetics Health Coach |

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