Our Story

At the same time, I had my own niggles going on.  Nasty (and I mean, nasty) PMS, bouts of insomnia and skin breakouts, plus I was also hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) meaning if I didn't eat every few hours I would get the shakes and feel dizzy.


Along with that the weight started creeping up for both of us.  Every time I jumped on the scales, the numbers kept rising.  Plus we just felt exhausted most of the time.


We were not a happy household.  Our bodies were struggling. Something had to give.

After trying a few different techniques, we decided to see a Health Coach friend of mine. 

She advised us we needed to detox our body and heal our livers. 

So, first we undertook a gut healing diet.  This enabled us to totally clean up our systems and changed how we ate.

I admit, it was hard, really had.  Suddenly all the food I wanted to eat, I couldn't.  And oh the cravings, the cravings! They took me down big time.  Plus, not being able to reach for a glass of wine or a bar of chocolate when the kids were driving me nuts - that was definitely a big struggle. 

But, we stuck to it.  We knew we had to. 


And over time, things changed - hugely.  

We suddenly found we didn’t want to eat all this junky processed food that we used to live on.  We started to feel good!  We both lost weight, our skin was glowing, we had more energy, were sleeping well and a whole lot of other niggly health issues just went away - including my PMS!  And hubby's bowels started working again.  Phew!

If you're frustrated with trying to lose weight, feeling tired and irritable...

- maybe it's time to try something new -

Want to control cravings & make healthy food choices?