It's All About You - A Challenge

Updated: Mar 18

I have a challenge for you. When did you last put yourself first? When did you last treat yourself? Well today's the day. Today, I want you to spend at least 5 minutres doing something just for YOU. To treat yourself in a small (or big) way. Here’s the rules. • At LEAST 5 minutes long (5 minutes minimum!)

• No screens • On your own, just for you It can be as fancy as having a bubble bath and finally burning that expensive candle, or sneaking off to lie on the bed for 5 minutes whilst the kids are occupied, going for a walk, looking at the stars just before bed, doing a face mask, reading a magazine and having a coffee, listening to your fav song twice, using that shower gel that you hardly ever use, ignoring the pile of washing and going to bed 15 minutes early to read, window shopping … anything. Anything that feels like a bit of a treat. Give yourself permission to do something nice for yourself. Not tomorrow. Not in the weekend. Today. Plan ahead, carve out some time, and just do it. Yes, there is so much you need to get done, and there always will be – but, for today, just take some time to treat yourself.


 Melissa Lowe | Nutrition & Health Coach |

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