Beautiful Bounty at the Markets

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Farmers market and supermarket session with one of my Thrive Guide clients today. Doing your vegie shop at the markets can save you a ton of money on spray free and fresh produce, whilst you're also supporting the little guys - your local farmers and gardeners. Most produce has been picked that morning or the day before meaning you're getting your veg at its nutritional peak - not sitting around in cool stores for weeks on end. Talk to the stall owners about how they grow their veg and what they do to control pests - go for spray free or organic meaning you and your family aren't ingesting loads of sprays and toxins unnecessarily. Going to the markets helps us connect with our food and where it comes from and gives a great sense of community.

#WholeFood #RealFood #Markets #Organic #SprayFree


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