Healthy Easter Ideas

Updated: Mar 18

Easter is a fun time of year for the little ones, but can be stressy for the adults as we watch the sugar highs building momentum, which then usually turn into sugar melt downs, not to mention that us big people quite often go overboard on the sweet stuff too.

Everywhere you look you're confronted with chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, and it seems that these days even the Easter bunny isn’t enough - grandparents and even friends can get in on the chocolate giving too.

So here’s a few chocolate-alternative tips to bring the sanity back into your holiday:

  • Make the giving about more than just chocolate – Easter crafts, colouring books, new pajama’s, Easter dress ups, egg dying etc.

  • Pizza hunt – grab a bunch of plastic eggs from the $2 shop, fill each plastic egg with different pizza toppings (i.e, bits of ham, grated cheese, baby toms, finely chopped spinach, grated carrot, pineapple pieces etc), hide them for a treasure hunt, and once the kids have found all the eggs, make your pizza for lunch - try out these paleo pizza bases for a healthy alternative

  • Not just chocolate – try adding in other whole-food treats to the kids Easter package along with the chocolate, ie. bliss balls, fruit leathers etc.

  • Talk about Easter – whether your religious or not, talking to kids about Easter and why we have this holiday is an important educational lesson. Get some books out from the library about the story of Easter, and why we should use this time to really appreciate how lucky we really are.

  • Have an Easter get together – get the extended family and friends over for a traditional Easter roast dinner.

  • And if you are going for chocolate – try and get the best quality chocolate you can. If you can afford it, organic chocolate is the best way to go. But check your labels – it should be free of pesticides (non-organic chocolate is one of the highest pesticide-sprayed crops there is), herbicides, artificial colours, preservatives and synthetic fertilizers, and fair-trade is a bonus too. Try to go for +70% dark chocolate – which means you’ll eat less due to its richness, plus reap some of the health benefits.

  • Get creative with your food – I am loving the look of these bunny faces, carrot pots and baby chicks. The internet is full of this kind of thing, so get exploring. Better still, get the kids involved in creating an Easter masterpiece.

Hope that helps! Have a fantastic holiday

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 Melissa Lowe | Nutrition & Health Coach |

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