When there's so much to do - just don't do it

Updated: Mar 18

I had a million things to do today. No lie, a million. My exhaustive and never ending list was actually stressing me out. My first thought on waking up was of all the crap I had to get done. It wasn't the best way to start my Sunday - determined and annoyed. And when I saw the kids I just thought "get out of my way". I was on a mission. But ... then I looked outside, saw the sun shining, and suddenly thought 'screw it - I'm going to do something fun first'. Lately I've been really trying to come from a place of 'what's best for me?' - something many of us females aren't very good at. But I knew if I went and did something that I enjoyed first, I'd feel refueled and be more able to deal with my list, plus I'd go to bed tonight feeling good about it. So I went for a wee skate with my girl. Then when we got home I sorted out what really really needed doing and managed to get a good chunk of things completed. Yay. Only 999,985 to go. So next time you're feeling overwhelmed with things to do, put doing something for yourself at the top of the list - you deserve it, and you'll be much more productive in a happy way afterwards, snug in the fact that you looked after you, and got some stuff done too. Snug - don't you just love that word?

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 Melissa Lowe | Nutrition & Health Coach |

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