It's Sugar Time! Shudder...

Updated: Mar 18

As you can imagine, most healthy-eating people curl their toes up at this day, due to the big sugar onslaught. But, truth be told, I actually love the concept of Halloween. I love the dressing up, the community coming together, the fun … but I definitely don’t love the lollies and what all that sugar and food colouring is doing to their little bodies.

However …. I’ve decided this year to relax a bit about it. I’m finding the more I hold my kids back, the more sugary-stuff seems like some big bad treat that they’re deprived from, and hence they go nuts-o, chowing it down when it’s around. I still talk to them about the effect sugar has on their body, and ask them about food’s that their body loves and thrives on, but I’m trying to let the sugar-hype go a bit, and not internally freak out so much when they have it (trying, I said).

Of course, overall they don’t get a huge amount of sugar when at home, so generally, they’re doing pretty well. But, before going to a “sugary” event, I also give them a bit of desired (ha) mummy guidance, asking them not to go crazy, just to take a few sweet things etc. Sometimes this works, and sometimes it doesn’t – yes, that was my child hiding in the corner with a massive bowl of mini chocolate fish.

However, I do have a few tricks up my sleeve to reduce the sugar onslaught of Halloween.

1. Firstly, well before the event, talk to them about it - they may not get why you don't want them to go crazy on sugar, so providing some awareness and guidance around it is a good idea

2. Fill them up on nourishing food before the sugar-frenzy commence's

3. Give them nutrient rich snacks to eat if they’re out trick or treating (fruit, cold meat, vegies, boiled eggs etc – can’t guarantee they’ll eat them, but it’s worth a try!)

4. Have a trade – you could buy their lollies off them, or swap for a toy or a family outing …. yep it costs more, but is a way to reduce the lollies

5. Have a limit – come to a deal with how much they can have and give the rest away

6. Have your own Halloween party and provide a lot of healthy-ish food’s

7. Come up with "healthier" sweet treats - search on the internet and you'll find a tonne.

8. Or…… just let them go for it, get it all eaten in one day, and then do a lot of teeth cleaning afterwards (did I just say that outloud)

Good luck out there peeps!

 Melissa Lowe | Nutrition & Health Coach |

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