My 7 Top Tips to Avoid Over-eating at Christmas Functions

Updated: Mar 18

You’re off to your Christmas function, looking hot, of course, and have told yourself you won’t over eat whilst you’re there.

However, when you’re suddenly faced with a table packed with all your favourite treats (combined with a few glasses of bubbles), all resistance goes out the window and before you know it you’re mindlessly shoving asparagus rolls and vol-au-vent’s in your face like they're going out of fashion. So, even if you have great intentions, how do you actually stick to them?

Well, here’s some proven tips to keep you on track 1. Accountability – tell someone (either before you go out, or at the party) how much you plan on eating, eg “I’m going to have 3 savoury snacks and 2 sweet”. Saying your plans out loud to someone helps to keep you accountable, and ensures that you will report back to them how you went. This also keeps your plan clear in your mind. 2. Eat first – if your already filled up on healthy whole foods, you won’t feel like eating much at the function. Try to go for something containing protein and good quality fats to keep you satiated. 3. Wear something tight – a tight dress, or pants with the belt done up tightly – this means you’ll feel conscious of not wanting to overeat and you’ll physically be aware of how your stomach feels when you’re in a tighter outfit. 4. Wear a bright lipstick (mainly applies to females) – that way you want it to stay on your lips and not get all over your teeth when you eat. 5. Hold a clutch bag and a drink (preferably of water now and again) – if you’re holding something, you can’t hold food. Or put a hand in your pocket and a drink in the other. 6. Walk away - don’t hang out at the food tables. 7.Get talking – do what your mama told you – don’t talk with your mouth full. If you’re talking with someone, you’re not eating. Good luck! #Christmas

 Melissa Lowe | Nutrition & Health Coach |

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