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Waitlist for Online Group Detox

Get on the wait list now to receive your discount for the online personalised group detox. 

Why this detox is SO unique to anything else?

  • Catered on YOUR unique body type and not for the masses

  • Specialised food, movement, place, relationship and mindfulness support based on YOU

  • Assistance in preparation, planning and mindset for the detox

  • Support and accountability in a community where others are doing the detox at the same time

  • A team of experienced coaches who have done the detox and understand your particular body and mind's needs

  • Personalised meal planning and recipe creation

  • Guidance on fitting the detox into your life (even when you have family, outings etc.)

  • An app on your phone/device so that you always have details on hand during the detox

  • Support for before, during and after the detox for 28 days 

Not sure if you need  detox or not?  Take the quiz...

The Outline

All with support, guidance, motivation and accountability

Plus, the opportunity to explore your personal online profile further to discover other areas of health and wellness suited to your body type - food, recipes, exercise, your mind, environment, social life and more - all based on YOU

Are you ready to...

Feel refreshed


Release toxins

Reduce food sensitivities

Improve sleep

Improve digestion

Have a clearer mind

Sharper focus

Weight loss, and more ...

Then get on the waitlist now for the online group detox, coming soon!


Spots are limited, so secure your place now and receive the discount for 2021.

In the meantime, come along and join the Facebook group for busy mum's  aged late 30’s+ (so also in your 40s and early 50s), the kids are now at school and you’re looking at your life and thinking "what about me?".

It’s for women who want to move themselves up their to-do list (without guilt) and have support and guidance from myself and other mums on how to take care of yourself every day, from the inside out.


So, come on over.  Just click on the picture to join.

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Know others mum's who may be interested?  Feel free to share the link.

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