Your 30-Day Sugar Free Guide

to Balance Your Hormones

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Do you have weight gain, especially around your belly, that you just can't shift no matter how much you try?

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Are you coping with energy highs and lows each day and an afternoon nap sounds like a great idea?


Do you have digestive or skin issues and feel  like you suffer with bloating almost daily?

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Do you feel irritable, emotional and angry and feel like your PMS symptoms are worsening?

Well, sugar could be the problem

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You have tried so many things

  • Lot's of different diets and exercise regimes over the years.

  • Guzzled back a ton of supplements to help get your hormones under control.


  • Trips to the doctors who either offer you a pill or tell you there's not much you can do.

  • And so much more.

But, no matter how hard you try, you seem to be stuck with your symptoms.



Because sugar can be a major cause of imbalanced hormones, weight gain, lack of energy and so much more.


It's not just about the chocolate biscuit that you eat now and again, it's about the hidden sugars that you don't even realise you are consuming.

So how does sugar do this?  A brief overview

When you eat sugar (whether added, natural, hidden or carbohydrates) your pancreas releases insulin.

Insulin transports the sugar (glucose) to your cells and tells the cells to absorb the glucose for energy.

However, when the cells become full, the glucose then gets stored in your fat cells (usually around your waist line).  And unless you are facing a famine sometime soon, that's where they stay - hello, that wobbly belly fat that you can't get rid of.

Too much insulin in your blood causes sugar spikes and crashes - hello moodiness, irritability, sleep issues, anxiety etc. and can lead to insulin resistance.

It also lowers another hormone (sex hormone binding globulin) which eventually causes oestrogen to rise - hello moodiness, irritability, sleep issues, anxiety, etc. 

Plus if you are approaching menopause, the symptoms intensify and you can add hot flushes, nights sweats and more to the equation.

Add in tiredness, weight gain, skin and digestive problems and other inflammatory issues and you can see how sugar can cause a whole host of symptoms

I'm Melissa Lowe, Nutrition & Health Coach 

I used to suffer with severe PMS and it just didn't seem to be something that I could get control of.

So I decided to look 'outside the box' and focus on what I was eating. Giving up sugar was one of the first things that I tried.


I didn't even used to eat much of the 'sweet' stuff (well, if you don't count several chocolate biscuits after dinner or the 2 sugars I used to have in each of my 3 coffees a day).  But it was actually the hidden sugars that I was unknowingly overloading on.

Muesli, fruit yoghurt, pasta sauces and so on.  I was consuming a lot of sugar without even realising it.

So, I decided to cut it out.  It wasn't easy at first, but a month after going sugar free I couldn't believe how much better I felt.


I no longer had sugar cravings, I lost weight and my PMS symptoms reduced - I felt so much better and more in control of my body and emotions. 

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Now I want to help others do the same

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Are you ready to...

  • Improve your daily energy and escape the afternoon slump?


  • Manage your weight more easily?

  • Gain control of those digestive issues and bloating that you suffer with every day?

  • Be more in control of your emotions and reduce your hormonal issues?

  • Manage your cravings and emotional eating?

  • Experience glowing skin, healthy hair and strong nails?

Well, let's get started!

Remember, it's not just about the ice-cream you have once in a while, it's about the hidden sugars that you don't even realise you are consuming.

Your 30-Day Sugar Free Guide to Balance Your Hormones

The Why

Information about why sugar is causing hormonal issues you and why.

Sugar Content

Guidelines of how much sugar is in the food you are eating


Insight, advice & ideas on how to manage sugar cravings & emotional eating


Guidance on preparing your home, lifestyle and others around you


Low & no sugar recipes from breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner & drinks


Goals, mantras & positive thinking ideas to keep you focused

Low Sugar Options

Foods that are on the low sugar side that you can eat after a month

Email Support

Personal support to your inbox whilst you are on your sugar free journey


One free follow up session at the end of the programme.  And I'm just an email or phone call away if you need extra support whilst going sugar free.

This programme is not about never eating sugar again.

It's about awareness.  It's about  giving your body a chance to reset.


It's about improving your gut flora and lowering inflammation that leads to hormonal imbalance and so many health issues.


"I have managed to walk down the chocolate aisle of the supermarket for 5 weeks in a row without even pausing"


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