I didn’t have to ‘diet’ or deprive myself of anything

I started seeing Melissa as I was feeling really tired all the time, had constant brain fog and didn’t have the energy for day-to-day activities.


Through Melissa’s guidance and her Epigenetics programme I feel like a new person! 


I slowly started making changes, not only to the types of food I ate, but when I ate. I also learnt about the best time to exercise, what exercise suited me best and what my body needs to function optimally. On top of this, Melissa allowed me to share my stresses with her and she helped me through a difficult time.


Making changes were surprisingly easy – I didn’t have to ‘diet’ or deprive myself of anything and I felt improvements quite quickly.


It’s great being back to my old self and being able to remember everything! My husband started seeing Melissa too and he’s like a new, much happier, person.


I highly recommend Melissa to anyone that wants to make a change in their energy levels.


I was too busy, overwhelmed and struggling to prioritise my own well being


I was frustrated with diets that wouldn’t stick.  I didn’t know how to move myself from the rut I was unhappily stuck in.


I was unhappy with my weight, had low energy, was feeling stressed a lot of the time and had bouts of low confidence and self-esteem.  I also was battling with occasional constipation, hay fever and had sugar and chocolate cravings.  Exercise was just something that I didn’t do.


Since doing the programme I feel like I’ve shifted some of the emotional barriers that kept tripping me up.  I can now understand what triggers me, and how that relates to my attitude around food, exercise and self-care in general.  The Epigenetics programme is great.


Melissa didn’t let me wallow in my own frustrations – she was focused on helping me actually move forward and taught me some great coping techniques.


She has a fantastic toolkit to help you push through the blocks that are holding you back. Although Melissa is kind and gentle, she is also no nonsense and will call you out if you are getting in your own way or using excuses to hold yourself back.

Melissa is an empathetic, knowledgeable coach.  She is really warm and fun to work with, is intuitive and seemed to know what I needed to get off my chest during each session.


I was over eating and making poor decisions around food


Over all I had low energy, low self-esteem, bad PMT, and not much zest for life.

I was stuck in a habit of making poor choices with certain foods.  When I didn't eat well, it was like a waterfall effect which kept on going and kept getting worse.  So, I would just continue to make more bad food choices.  Then I’d feel bad for eating unhealthy, which ultimately would make me want to eat even more of that crappy food!

I knew I wanted to improve my eating, lose weight, plus, get into a routine that I could sustain, instead of binging on foods and then starving myself.  I wanted something that I could sustain long term.


Through doing the programme I have learnt about what I need to do for my particular body type and when I need to do those things as well.


Now when I have a bad moment and occasionally don’t make the best food choice, I no longer let that define the rest of the day, week and month.  It’s a cycle that I have broken.  I now move on and make healthy choices for the rest of the day, instead of continually eating bad food, which I used to do.


I now don’t let my head/thoughts break the healthy eating cycle. 


I used to eat a bar of chocolate or ice cream every night.  The sugar cravings are now gone.  I’ve also gone from zero exercise to now seeing a Personal Trainer. 


It really is like a weight has been lifted. 


It used to constantly play on my mind and niggle in my head around how I was eating.  Through the coaching I learnt to no longer beat myself up around food anymore and I have more of a positive outlook. 


I would absolutely recommend this programme.  The coaching with Melissa gave me the ability to draw a line and made me have an outlook on dealing with the day to day things without focusing just on the long-term end result.


I now feel like I’m focused.


I feel positive about moving forward rather than feeling negative and freaked out.  It’s because I now have an understanding and the right tools to put in place about what I need to do to be the best version of me.


I have way more energy, have lost weight, my PMT is definitely better, I feel lighter and want to keep exercising.  Using what Melissa has taught me is helping with the exercise and makes me want to feel better physically, whereas that used to be beyond my reach.


My self-esteem has improved.  Now I have a vision that I’m on the right track instead of being on a downward spiral.


I had trouble being able to start any weight loss programme


I had bloating, PMS, anxiety, low mood, low energy and zero motivation or will power to start or find the right place to go to get what I needed. 

But, I knew I had to do something.


By incorporating the programme information I felt results and motivation immediately – within the first week!


I knew what and when to eat and drink. My stomach bloating reduced and my body could feel its core for the first time in about 5 years.


I also felt mentally prepared to plan my days, get to the bottom of what needed organising in my life which essentially means I realised how it was also affecting my health and well-being.

There was never a time that Melissa didn’t have some way or information to help and support me with the things that came up during my time in the programme. She always had the right information to handout based off what we felt I needed at the time. This made it so much easier to make changes.


I also felt that I wasn’t alone in what I was dealing with or needed to deal with, because I had the programme to base my reactions from which helped me understand why I may react in a certain way, as well as having Melissa to support me and talk with me through what I was experiencing.


And realising that I do not have to be perfect in the way I eat and exercise, but that I do have to maintain that health consciousness and I can easily carry that through with me. This makes it essentially easier eat healthier – whether eating at home or out on the go, I’m making an intentional decision on what I choose to eat, and being aware that it doesn’t have to be perfect all of the time – but I eat healthier a lot more of the time because I have set that intention.

Melissa is very supportive, has a world of information and is very easy to talk to. She is very interested in helping you learn about your body type with you.

She has a very clever way of remaining centered and down to earth, and understands where emotions and reactions are coming from. I was able to face all of my emotions with Melissa.  I was able to identify the barriers, and recognise that there were blocks in certain areas – that in itself made the process meaningful and beneficial. This included ways I needed help in my life around the household, or with cooking or the children.

I feel so supported in even knowing that my time doesn’t have to be over once I’ve finished the programme. That I can meet up or check in with Melissa after the programme as often as I want. This has been helpful in keeping myself on track once I finished the first 6 sessions. I have really improved in so many. I have noticed so many changes and knowing that I can see Melissa keeps me going.

Thank you so much Melissa!


I was cranky, stressed, overweight and struggling to find joy in my journey as a

wife, mother and woman

Since enlisting Melissa’s help I’m taking care of myself better and the outcome of that is affecting every part of my life.  


There are so many things Melissa taught me or helped me to remember - to find joy in the moment, to do what’s best for me and to feed myself – literally and figuratively.


I now eat regularly, exercise and take time to meditate.  I’ve made changes that have had a significant impact on my family and myself.


I enjoyed my regular “coaching” sessions with Melissa.  It was great to have someone to be accountable to.

She is non-judgmental, and knowledgeable across a great range of subjects that affect your health and well-being.  I always felt like she was on my side and she made me feel significant.  In the kindest way possible Melissa will challenge you and follow up with you.  Between your coaching sessions she will stay in contact with you and encourage you.  

If you are still deciding whether or  not to enlist Melissa's help - just do it!

 Follow her advise and you won’t regret it.


The mental and emotional awareness of this journey and the fact that "this isn't a fad this is the rest of my life" has struck such a chord with me.

The life choice and change journey I have taken with Melissa has been incredible in raising my consciousness and awareness of my diet and lifestyle habits, and how to adopt better options in terms of this.  Making conscious choices and knowing the benefit to my body, mind and soul.

I have joined the gym again (having slacked off for a year or so), smoothies have become my breakfast of choice, and alcohol free nights are part of the mix - trust me a night without a wine or two was a rare thing for me!  Becoming a savvy supermarket shopper, selecting food that is good for me and has the least chemicals possible and seeking spray-free or organic choices.

What spurs me on is knowing the benefits I am giving my body and mind and I feel those benefits.  Crazy how before feeling OK ish was the norm for me.   Now I feel energised and clear in my mind.


I feel overall more empowered, I am the master of my own destiny, I am in control of my thoughts and choices and I want these precious vessels of body, mind and soul to carry me through today, tomorrow and into grand old age.


The mental and emotional awareness of this journey  and the fact that "this isn't a fad this is the rest of my life" has struck such a chord with me.  I have approached my employer and discussed changing my work hours to better suit the lifestyle I want, and they are totally on board, welcome to my new world! Yay!


Thank you Melissa for showing me how to thrive!


I was unhappy with my weight, tired

and was stuck in the habit of making unhealthy food choices

I had tried diets in the past but found them too restrictive after a while and eventually gave up.  I knew that I had to change the way I was eating and I was doing minimal exercise.

Through doing the Healthy Happy You programme I learnt that it is okay to not be rigid with the changes. It’s better that way for me, or I start feeling negative about what I’m doing.  Also, being aware that it’s not just what I put in my mouth that affects my weight and health.  It's also emotional well-being that makes a difference.

I learnt that doing the prep early helps make things so much easier for my week.  I'm not perfect all the time, but I think a lot more about what I’m eating.

Overall my gut health is a lot better, I have more energy and I’m sleeping better. I do get lazy sometimes and cheat, but then get back on track.

I would definitely recommend Melissa's coaching. She encompasses the whole aspect, not just the food. Plus she gives you a practical approach that helps fit in with your lifestyle.

I liked her sense of humour and her easy approach made it a lot less harder than losing weight already is.  She also really believes in what she's doing, not just a "commercial, churn them out, money making fad". 

I like that even after the programme ends, she is still available for help.


She “gets it”

My teenage daughter and I were lucky enough to receive advice from Melissa for my daughters psoriasis and ongoing tonsilitis and strep throat.


Melissa taught us how the strep “bug” fed from sugar and from there we adapted a diet plan to reduce sugar from her diet, however, being a teen this was no easy task as temptation was everywhere, especially when she was out with her friends.


But with guidance from Melissa and very realistic expectations, this process became easier each week

and we did see changes in the psoriasis, not only that but she noticed when she did eat a lot of sugar it was noticeable to her body she felt a bit sick and from this showed her how badly sugar alone affects her.


We made other diet changes with her lunches etc lots of effort on my part and not easy to break old lunchbox habits but Melissa helped us with recipes, praised us with what we had  done and motivated us along the way.


So to anyone who is afraid to commit to drastic change I would recommend Melissa as she “gets it” she knows what is to be a mum and also knows it is unrealistic to go from 0 to 100% healthy living overnight and guided us in a simplistic manner but with a wealth of knowledge.


From my daughter and I - thanks Melissa for teaching us.


I learnt how to understand my body better

I did the programme with Melissa because I wanted to lose weight, reduce menopause issues, de-stress around work, eliminate emotional eating especially around sugar cravings and make my health my main focus by having the right mindset.


Since doing the programme I am definitely more focused on what is important in my life and am being mindful with what I put in my body.


I learnt that I needed to put my health first and through the programme learnt how to understand my body better and what will work best for me.


The most important thing I have learnt is that it is a journey. 


I would absolutely recommend this programme to others – it’s great having someone that guides you and keeps you honest.


I have learnt so much, but, ultimately, it is about being committed and having the right mindset and putting your health first that counts.


The support and guidance was absolutely amazing and I loved our coaching sessions.


Realistic Expectations

I was dealing with candida issues, PMS, sugar cravings and had challenges in providing healthy snacks and lunchboxes for the kids.  I basically had information overload as to what to feed them!  I decided to enlist Melissa's help to assist me in getting myself and the whole family eating and living better.

Since completing the programme my candida has improved, PMS issues have lessened. Sugar cravings reduced.  Overall the family is eating much healthier. My kids are more aware of healthy food choices and why it is important for our bodies to have good food.

I feel that I now have clarity around how to lead my family toward healthy eating.  I have the information and know how to implement that knowledge.  Getting specific recipes and time saving tips in the kitchen was a great help.

Having the coaching gave me the support and accountability to follow through and make better food choices for me and my family. Getting the information that was tailored to my needs as opposed to trawling the web and getting overwhelmed by all the information.

I found Melissa to be approachable, warm, non-judgmental and realistic in my expectations around the journey.


Melissa's "60 Minute's Guide to Thrive" session was fantastic!

She is very inspiring as well as keeping it 'real'.

I like the fact that she is realistic about life being hectic with kids, work etc being a Mum herself.  

She was well prepared and has an excellent range of knowledge. The written report was informative and has given me the tools to start making the right steps in the right direction.

I highly recommend Melissa. You won't be disappointed with her sessions, be prepared to come away feeling inspired and empowered.