What's really in your mayonnaise?

Almost ALL the mayonnaise you buy at the supermarket is made with added preservatives, additives, sugar and substandard vegetable oils (which cause huge amounts of inflammation in our bodies – definitely avoid canola/rice/sunflower etc oils as much as possible). Anything that can last that long in your fridge can’t be made of real food right? Right.


Here’s some of the ingredients I found in a Ranch Dressing:


Buttermilk, canola oil, antioxidant 307b, sugar, flavour (?? erm, what does that mean?), food acid 270, stabilizer 415, soy, preservative 202, antioxidant 385, egg yolk, salt, vinegar, water, pepper, mustard.


That’s a lot of numbers in your salad. “Oooh, I’ve just made a tomato, feta, spinach and stabiliser 415 salad. Yummo.”




The best alternative I found was Ceres Organics, but it’s pretty hard to come by – out of 3 local supermarkets a month ago, I only found it in one. I haven’t tried it myself, so if you have, let us know what it’s like. Hopefully that’s changed. By the way, if you want your supermarket to stock something – just ask them, most of the time they’re willing to give it a go.

So really, the best alternative is to Make Your Own. I have a delicious, creamy, 'so easy to make its ridiculous' mayo for you - click here. We add dijon mustard and a bit of garlic into ours, and its delish - great for dipping veges into too.


If you do know of another whole food alternatives out there – share the love and please comment below. Thanks! And remember, keep learning!