What's really in your popcorn?

Popcorn - so moreish. Once I start eating it I can't seem to stop.

However, buyer beware, in that bag of microwave popcorn (the kind that comes un-popped in a paper bag) lurks some hidden nasties:


palm fruit oil, antioxidant: TBHQ E319 (what the heck is that?), citric acid E330, butter flavour (not even butter, but a manufactured flavoured thing that resembles butter), colourant annatto (E160b), allergen - cow's milk. Oy vey.


Kettle corn isn't as bad, but still contains sub-standard corn oil, (307b citric acid) and added sugar.


Popping corn yourself at home, in butter or coconut oil is really the only way to ensure you aren't getting any nasty ingredients. I do the old fashioned way in a pot, and top with melted butter and himalayan salt. However, there are a few brands of popped pop corn I found at the health food store that are ok - but again, make sure you read your labels first - just because it's in a health shop doesn't mean it is lab-ingredient free.


Know of any kinds that are crap-free? Share the love....