What's really in your sausages?

I love a good sausie. And actually learnt how to cook them properly using Keith Richards advice - always put them in a cold pan, then heat slowly, and you don't need to pierce them. Thanks Mr Richards.

But yes, it's ingredients time - have a look what's contained in your supermarket sausies:


Raw sausies - meat 83%, wheat cereal, rusk, humectant (450, 452), acidity regulator (331), antioxidant (318), preservative (221)


Precooked sausies - meat 67% water, soy grits, dextrose, soy protein, wheat cereal, starch, flavour enhancer, preservative (223), antioxidant (316), colour (100, 155, 160b, 172)




It goes without saying that you will pay more for crap-free sausages. However, due to the fact they contain more meat and less junk you actually don't eat as much. The flavours really stand out and are they are way richer than your supermarket variety. I just chop up one each for the kids, and hubby and I have two.


Yes, you do get the odd butcher saying "if they don't contain preservatives and nitrates you will get sick". Well if you're going to leave them on the bench in the warm sun, probably - but this will happen with any meat. I, nor any of my family have ever gotten sick from eating preservative, sulphite and nitrate free sausages.




I get all my bangers from Sausages By Design who are at the Silverdale markets on Saturday and Browns Bay markets on Sunday. They also have an online shop and a store in Silverdale. Their sausages just contain meat, herbs and spices, and fat. That's it. The blue-cheese ones are my fav. 


Occasionally we get home-kill sausies too, but we always tell the butcher what to put in them.  Seaview Meats Milford is another stockist of extremely yummy crap free sausages.    There are many other places out there that stock them - just search online for preservative free sausages - but remember to read your labels first!

Or if you have a place you use, please share the love and comment below.