What's really in your tinned tomatoes?

What's in your tin of diced toms?

I just want tomatoes in my can of tomatoes and a bit of juice. That's it. But check out the ingredients I found in A LOT of popular brands:


* Firming Agent (509),
* Acidity Regulator: Citric Acid (E330)
* Calcium Chloride


No thanks.


Here's brands that I found just had tom's and juice in them:


* Benedicts
* Mutti
* Macro Organic
* Bella Napoli
* Select - their normal tinned toms contained lab ingredients, but the ones with chopped basil/herbs didn't

* Ceres Organics contains citric acid but it's made from lemons.


So be a Label Detective and check out the ingredients list on your tin of toms before you put them in your trolley. Can you find a brand that doesn't have any lab ingredients added to it?  If so, share the love and comment below.