What's really in your wraps and tortillas?

I'm probably going to have a lot of people annoyed with me, as many think that having a wrap or burrito's filled with chicken and veg is a healthy option. Well, the filling is. But check out whats in the actual wraps and tortillas:


Have you see the green wraps containing spinach? Here's what your getting: garden spinach blend (2%) - l burst out laughing when I saw that. 2 percent! What's the point? emulsifier (471), raising agents (500, 450, 341), preservatives (282, 200), acidity regulator (297), dextrose, stabilisers (460, 415), colours (133, 129, 110, 102). You're getting a whole other lot of lab-ingredients along with your 2% of spinach. Spinach blend should I say.


Tortillas: palm oil (306), acidity regulators (297,200), emulsifier (471), stabilisers (466, 415, 412), preservatives 282, 202).




Well, unfortunately I was hard pressed to find one. Tio Pablo weren't too bad, but do contain acidity regulators (fumaric acid, calcium hydroxide), stabiliser (cellulose gum), preservatives (potassium sorbate, calcium propionate) - not exactly healthy ingredients.


There is Mountain Bread, but they don't seem to behave like they look on the packet, and fall apart whenever I try to wrap something. You can get coconut wraps at health food stores or iherb but they cost a pretty penny. Gluten-free wraps contained even more ingredients than their gluten counterparts so I would avoid those too.


So, to tell you the truth, there isn't really a healthy alternative out there.  But! ... never fear - you can make your own! - these taste great and don't break apart when folded.  Get the recipe here.


Using iceberg or cos lettuce leaves as wraps is another idea.  Or making a thin crepe out of whisked egg is another alternative.