What's Really in Your Food?

In the Supermarket
Do you know what you're really eating?

If I gave you or your kids a teaspoon of maltodextrin would you eat it?


Chances are you would say "what the heck is that?".  But a lot of the time we are unknowingly ingesting a lot of these freaky lab-ingredients in our food, without even realising it - ingredients that can cause a lot of inflammation in our bodies, leading to a plethora of health issues.


It's all about learning what exactly is in the food we’re eating. So often, we don’t make the time to turn things over and read the ingredients list, instead just "believing" what's on the front of the box/packet etc.


So to make life easier on you, I’m doing the label reading for you to create awareness around the foods we are eating, and to open our eyes to marketing claims – just because it says it’s “healthy” or “no added additives” on the front of the packet, do we believe them? Noooooo, we don’t .


We want to figure out for ourselves what we’re eating – not what some rich suit in an office is telling us to eat (no offense to rich suits in offices).


So be empowered, be informed, be pro-active and read your labels.  Check out the links below to find out what's really in some of those products.  And hang out at The Thrive Guide on Facebook or Instagram, where I often provide some healthier alternative products plus recipes.

Reading your labels and being aware of what you and your family are  REALLY eating is the first step in getting back to Real Whole Foods and providing our body with foods that nourish us, instead of harm us.  Just keep learning.

What's really in your coconut cream?

What's really in your muesli bars?


What's really in your tinned tomatoes?


What's really in your corn chips?

What's really in your popcorn?

What's really in your wraps and tortillas?

What's really in your mayo?

What's really in your sausages?

What's really in your packet gravy?

What's really in your crackers?

What's really in your potato chips?

What's really in your chicken?