What's really in your packet gravy?

Gravy can completely make a dish and, in fact, I think it's almost illegal to have a roast dinner without one. 


But... have a look at the ingredients you'll be ingesting into your lovely body when you use the packet products:


potato starch, carmel colour (1), vegetable fat, soy sauce powder, glucose syrup, stabilisers (331, 340), anti-caking agent (551), salt, sugar, maltodextrin, vegetable gum, flavour enhancer (635), food acid, spices, colours (150c, 102, 124).


It should be re-labelled as "Freaky Lab-ingredient Sauce".




Go your old school method - after roasting your meat, leave a few tables spoons of juices in the roasting pan, add in flour (spelt or tapioca flour would be good here - first mixed to a paste with a bit of water), water or stock/bone broth - or water from cooking vegetables, plus salt and pepper and heat on the element until thick, scraping all the yummy bits off the bottom of the pan.

Whole foods alternative?

I fry up a chopped onion in the fat left in the roasting pan (or you could just do this in a pot), then add a cup of bone broth (home-made stock), salt and pepper, combine and then whiz in the blender and reheat.  The kids actually like this gravy better than any packet gravy and even call this "the best gravy in the world".  I think that's quite a good result.  You can get the full recipe here.


Another alternative is to add cooked cauliflower or pumpkin to give it more thickness.


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