Which Body Type Are You?

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It's not all just about food and exercise

Any time you want to find out about losing weight or being healthy there always seems to be a huge influence on how you should eat and exercise.  Yes, sure, these things can make a huge amount of difference when it come to what we want to see on the scales, but they're not the only reasons when it comes to being healthy and losing weight.  You can eat salads all day and go for a run every morning, but if you are in a stressed out job or aren't sleeping well, these types of things will affect your wellness.


So, if it's not just about food and exercise, what else is there?

Well, true health is based on you, your life and your genes.  

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The beauty of epigenetics

When looking at your health we need to factor in epigentics.  Epigenetics means above the gene.  Meaning even though you may have inherited a particular gene from your mother, it does not mean that it is actually switched on. 


Genes can be switched on, or off, depending on how you are living your life.  So, just because you have a gene, it doesn't mean it is necessarily turned on.  Your sleep, your stress, your social relationships, your work environment, mindset, exercise, food, environment and so much more are all part of the epigenetic symphony that affects our genes and our wellness. 


That is the beauty of epigenetics. 


And you can control your health and, in sense, your gene 'switches' based on how you live your life.  It's about living in the strength of your genes.

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The Body Types

Scientists discovered that there were three different body types that humans fitted into.  The Ectomorph, the Endomorph and the Mesomorph and each of these body types have hybrids off them.  Here is a brief outline:

The Ectomorph

The Sensor

The Crusader

The Endomorph

The Diplomat 

The Guardian

The Mesomorph

The Activator

The Connector

Each of these body types should eat, exercise, rest, sleep, socialise and live in a different way to each other, because we are all different.  

The Body Type Outline

The Sensor

Slender, long muscles, little fat with a fine skeletal structure and a ruler body.

Enjoy systems and processes and love lists, are creative and perceptive, efficient workers and can easily worry and stress out.  They quite often enjoy smaller groups of people instead of loud parties.


The Crusader

Slender, long muscles, thinner legs and calves, low body fat but can gain weight around the mid section​.

They are focused, logical and cynical and want proof, needing to know the 'why' in situations.  The have high mental and physical endurance and are focused on the end task.


The Diplomat

Generally have thicker bones, are on the broad and tall side with a strong and enduring body.  They can carry extra weight around the hips and thighs.

They are durable and reliable, steady and balanced and usually don't like to rush about too much.  They are easy going and friendly and like to think a lot and ponder situations over before acting or responding.


The Guardian

They have a strong, stout body with high bone and muscle mass and usually have even weight distribution on the upper and lower body.  They generally are short to moderate height.

They always put others before themselves, are loyal, committed, supportive and social and usually love hosting get together's.  Having friends and family around them is highly important. 


The Activator

Generally shorter stature with a naturally athletic lean body.  The have moderate muscle and bone mass and have shorter femurs (leg) with a longer trunk.

Activators like to move, are competitive, lateral thinkers (rule breakers), proactive, risk takers and like improvisation.


The Connector

They have an athletic body but are more solid and short in height.  The have moderate to thick bones with a broad chest and well formed muscles, but can have stubborn weight.

They are a people person and an excellent team player whilst being thoughtful of others.  They enjoy doing things with their friends and like to always be around people much of the time.

The Differences are Essential
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All of the these body types should eat, exercise and live in a different way to improve their health and wellness. 


Some are better on more protein, others are better on more vegetables, some should do cardio daily, whilst others are better to go on long walks a few times a week.  Some should stay up late and get up late, whilst others should go to bed early and get up early.  Some should surround themselves with friends and family whilst others are better to carve out times for themselves daily to rejuvenate.

This is why there isn't a perfect diet or exercise regime out there, because we are all different.  So, when we have someone telling us that 'everyone' should eat a plant based only diet or that 'everyone' should eat Keto, this just isn't correct.  Yes, plant based will work for some and yes, Keto will work for others, but they wont work for everyone.

If you're interested in finding out about your body type and living in the strength of your genes, have a look at my programme hereThis epigenetics programme will change the way you think about your body and your health forever.